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The things cosmetic companies and those selling them won`t tell you.

I have worked many years in the cosmetic retail industry and I finally want to shed some light on the ways the brands and business` sell cosmetics.

I had a knot in my stomach 9 years ago when my son was born. I was managing a Shoppers Drug Mart Cosmetic department and knew I had to leave the industry. For lack of better words I was actually disappointed with what I thought was a perfect fit to my career.

All morals out the window when the big cosmetic companies and those selling them push them on consumers. The one thing I hated most was when the end of the month was near and you knew that ie. company X numbers were down but you had other brands to sell. So you`d get the power sell session from the manager in charge. X is down by $1000 only sell X today.

But what if the consumer needed a different brand to suite their skin needs? That didn`t matter sell X and if you did for an incentive the highest selling cosmetician would get a certain amount of free product by the vendor.

Great way to sell ..but not moral or suiting your consumers skin needs when you know they need ie. La Roche Posay or a derm brand for their eczema. The majority of the cosmetic industry is based on commission, that`s why those sales people see you walking through their departments and immediately pounce. They want a piece of the pie of the end of the month department commission. If your an amazing cosmetician or pushy sales you could walk home with around $1000 commission a month, but the average was usually between $500-$750.

Fast forward to 2018 and here I am starting my own company and letting people know to be wary when the cosmetician/makeup artist are pushing products.

Ask questions? Ask why you should pay more for the product their recommending? Could they offer something comparable in your budget? Ask about ingredients and clinical studies? Do your research and don`t always trust the girl wearing instagram makeup. Learn to walk away.

These companies need to anniversary their numbers every year and try to have growth yearly. Some brands even threaten the cosmetic managers by saying ``if your store doesn`t meet quota for the year $1 million in sales they`ll pull the brand from the store``. This tactic makes everyone anxious and disappointed so they feel the need to coax the consumer into buying items they may not need or even items that may not suite them for sales.

Not all cosmeticians/makeup artists have these sales tactics and could care less what the big companies say. We all love cosmetics in our own way from fragrances to natural body butters. Make sure if your looking to buy something to do a little homework just so that the sales person does not pull the wool over your eyes and steer you in the wrong direction to fill their wallet or their bathroom with luxury cosmetic items.